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*I accept any fanlisting anime manga related or not. Last Escape is open for non-animanga related fanlistings.

Here are the lovely and awesome fanlisting owners that are affiliated with Last Escape. If you would like to be in the list, just e-mail me using this contact form. Please include the link of your site and your name.

 44 Caliber Loveletter 5pectrum Addiction Beloved Star Biohazard Broken Cord Can you hear me Castles in the sky Celestial Dreams Donten Eden Trap Endless Dream Enigmatic Eternal Snow Evermore Evil Cat Fairie Punks Fanatic Fuyumeku Galaxy Glorious Hatsukoi Heresy Holding on I Love Lamp Intangible Invalesco Jelly Fishing Kyoukan Love Me Monochrome Passion Predisposed Remain Wishless Rewind the Radio Scream Little Fan Girl Siren Song Sixty 6 SkyPrincess Sleety Tatto The Isotope Tilted Halo Uchuu