Chizuru Tachibana is one of the protagonist of the adorable slice of life series Kimi to Boku. He didn't grew up in Japan. He moved from Germany, but he had been visiting Japan when he was young. As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons why Chizuru is included in the group is because he became friends with Yuuki when they were young.

Beside from annoying Kaname with the twins and eating cookies in the morning, Chizuru is the most hyper, loud, and energetic from all five main characters. He is adorable in a lot of ways and pretty much do what he wants and drag all four of his friends from doing something that they didn't plan to.

He is hopelessly romantic, sincere, loyal, and honest.

Although he is not serious with his studies, and pretty much accepts the fact that he would not have a business like future like Kaname's, Chizuru is straightforward with his feelings. He is confident enough to tell the person he likes that he likes her even though he knows that he doesn't have a chance. But he still never gives up.

He is friendly, a tease, and sweet. He is approchable, but sometimes he would be the victim but sometimes he could be the bully.

I love Chizuru's character. From watching and reading the series, Chizuru is one of the big reasons why I love the series.

Kimi To Boku is a manga series published in GFantasy by Square Enix by Hota Kichi. It is about a group of boys and their friendship and life in highschool and some nostalgic scenes from their childhood as well. It is mixed of comedy, slice of life, and a pinch of romance. I LOVE THIS SERIES!

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