Wish, I never knew that I would be able to have this opportunity to create a shrine and a fanlisting for one of the most loved characters in the Clamp world, Eriol Hiirigizawa of Card Captor Sakura. Eriol is one of my most loved characters since I was a mere child. A mysterious boy wearing glasses from England with a smart and matured attitude, that is probably the words to describe Eriol's character.

"The key that hides the forces of darkness. Reveal your true form to me! I, Eriol, command you under our contract. Release!"

Welcome to Magician, a little shrine dedicated for Eriol Hiirigizawa. Feel Free to look around, and the navigation is located at the top of the header. Become a Fan right away? Sure~ Why not, please do and read our rules and use our codes. The purpose of a fanlisting is to list all the fans around the world, and to show off your dedication by linking us back.