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I currently have 32 fanlistings since September 2009 with 0 upcoming fanlistings. Our newest fanlisting is Tsukishima Kei which was opened in 2014-09-18. Most of my fanlistings are anime and manga related, and these babies are alphabetically listed. I also have 4 co-own fanlistings.

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Ingenious → Edward Elric

  • Since: 25th October 2011 | Updated: 06th February 2019
  • Fans: 2004 + 1
  • Comment: Oh man Edward. The coolest character ever. My favorite of all time. His fanlisting was adopted from Janice who made my fl life complete.
 Boy Friends

Boy Friends → Kimi to Boku


GunBlaze → Okumura Yukio


Adore → Ren Ichinose