About Ichi Shinpo

Cold and quiet, Ichi Shinpo is one of the protagonist in the series Parfait Tic. Parfait Tic is about Fuuko who falls in love with her new handsome neighbors. Ichi Shinpo is the cousin of Fuuko`s first love interest Daiya. At first, Ichi looks annoyed when Fuuko is around, but he gradually falls in love with her as Ichi sees her unrequited love to Daiya.

Ichi did not proclaimed his love for Fuuko at first, but he showed her how he feels while she was in love with Daiya. Even thought he is smart, Ichi usually pushes Fuuko and tease her a lot since Ichi acts like a bashful child when he is around with the person that he loves.

As the moon shines above them, Fuuko was about to tell Ichi how she felt for him after moving on with her rejection from Daiya, however, Ichi`s past affected their relationship since Ichi chose his first love than Fuuko. After realizing that what he chose was wrong, Ichi was already too late as Fuuko already decided to move on from Ichi while Daiya gradually falling in love with her.

Months later, Ichi becomes the student body president while Fuuko and Daiya are together. Ichi becomes the outsider and usually gets hurt from seeing Fuuko and Daiya together. Ichi struggles to make Fuuko realize his love for her.