May Chang

May Chang is the most adorable character of Fullmetal Alchemist. She is the protagonist of the story where two handsome brothers long for her hand in marriage. Alright, stop with the girly made up story. May Chang is one of the princess of Xing. In order to save her clan, she must find the answer to immortality, and thus May went to the country of Ametris to find her answer. Right after she arrived to the country of Ametris, she was pampered and helped because she saved some of the Youswell town's coal-workers. They mentioned that they know a brilliant State Alchemist named Edward Elric. May fell in love with the thought of the princely Edward, however, they did not mention to her how tiny Edward is. May accompanied by Scar meets the two brothers under the middle of Central City. And thus her adventure deepens.