... Yuki Sohma is one of the protagonist of Fruits Basket. He is a weak fragile boy who aspires to be loved. He is treated like a prince at school because of his physical appearance while he is treated special in the Sohma family because he is possessed by the rat.

As a boy, Yuki longed to have friends. He wanted to be like Kyo who can easily be approached and liked by others. As the story goes further, Yuki became the student council president and meets the other student council members who then became his close companions. One of the members who is appointed as the vice president, Manabe Kakeru became Yuki's best friend. Yuki sees his older brother's boastful outspoken attitude and a little of Kyo's friendly personality in Kakeru. Yuki was able to open up his emotions and secrets to Manabe who always kindly listed to him every time. Manabe is one of the reasons why Yuki developed into a fine independent strong yet mean character.